Simplified version for HoDs

There’s a simplified version for HoDs reviewing SMSC in their subject or curriculum area. Click here to find out more.

The interactive,
step-by-step process.

Make your judgement

Start by sliding a bead to record your initial judgement.

Check your judgement is accurate.

Use the built-in criteria and prompts to make sure your judgement is accurate.

Select your best evidence

Summarise the evidence which supports your judgement – add file attachments or web links.

Analyse what’s helping or hindering.

Analyse factors that are helping or hindering SMSC provision. Drag the critical factors to the top.

Plan actions to improve

Describe what you’ll do, who’s involved and how you’ll measure success.

Share reports with others

Create a combined SMSC review and action plan to share with senior leaders, governors and inspectors.

Multiple Departments

Review SMSC across multiple departments in your school using a single abacus bead for each subject or curriculum area. More information…

Multiple Academies

Review SMSC across multiple academies in your trust by overlaying and comparing an abacus from each academy. More Information…

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