SMSC Reviews for Multi-Academy Trusts

Multi-Academy SMSC Reviews

Give each academy an iAbacus®

Each academy in your multi-academy trust has an iAbacus® to self-evaluate and improve aspects of their SMSC provision. When you quickly combine these on to one central iAbacus® – you can easily identify strengths and weaknesses then dig down into the detailed evidence, analysis and action planning from each academy.

Comparing SMSC across multiple academies - Multi-Academy SMSC Reviews

Compare SMSC Across Your Multi-Academy Trust

It takes seconds to combine and compare iAbacuses from each academy.

Deploy a unique online tool that's simple, easy to use - and streamlines the entire process for everyone involved.

Provide academies with a common framework for evaluating the effectiveness of SMSC provision and measuring impact.

Build the capacity of SMSC Coordinators to accurately evaluate current provision and plan strategies to improve.

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"The unique selling point about iAbacus® is that staff use it!"

testimonial-thumb-beatrice2Alan Black
Beatrice Tate School

“iAbacus® is most straightforward tool I have come across in the last 10 years!”

testimonial-thumb-harrow2Mike Serridge
Harrow Way School

“iAbacus® seamlessly joins self-evaluation to improvement planning.”

testimonial-thumb-parkview2Andy Finley
Deputy Headteacher
Park View School