SMSC GridMaker

Create a visual map of SMSC across your school to showcase coverage and identify gaps in provision.


Capture evidence of SMSC in less than 60 seconds


Use SMSC criteria in line with the Ofsted CIF


Include 'British values' - or customise it with your own values


Easily identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in provision


Publish a map of your broad and balanced curriculum


Create reports for self-evaluation (SEF), planning and CPD

Step 1

Anyone can record an activity in your SMSC grid in less than 60 seconds. Watch the video

Step 2

Your SMSC coordinator and senior leaders can quickly analyse the grid to identify gaps in provision.

Step 3

Share your SMSC Grid with parents, governors, other schools – and Ofsted inspectors.

60 Second Video

Watch an activity being added to an SMSC Grid in less than 60 seconds. Then try it for yourself.


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Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is better coordinated across the curriculum. An on-line audit of all the activities promoting development is enabling gaps to be filled and resources shared.

Extract from an Ofsted report / Ofsted

The Grid was used whilst in interview with an Ofsted inspector and one of my colleagues. The inspector was very impressed by the clarity of our evidence and how SMSC is being mapped across the curriculum. SMSC is now cited as a strength of the college.

Medina College

The SMSC grid is a quick and easy way to track and monitor provision across the school. It has helped us see at a glance where there may be gaps in provision. In addition, it has increased confidence in staff’s understanding of SMSC while enabling Faculties to see what others are doing and reflect effectively on their own practice. I have used the grid at a Governors training session to help clarify what SMSC really looks like in a secondary school and they were very impressed.

Sir John Lawes School

The SMSC Grid has enabled us to gather all of the good practice regarding SMSC throughout our entire institution. Previously it was challenging for Senior Leaders to pin point exactly what was going on and when. It illustrates any gaps in provision and gives us a strategic plan to move forward with as well as highlighting training needs for staff. OFSTED inspectors liked the visual way of presenting SMSC provision and said as a result that our SMSC delivery had moved from “unsatisfactory” to “good”. I highly value the SMSC grid and our academy is looking at how we can further expand its use.

The Manor Academy